Economy 7 Electricity Prices

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There are several energy companies who supply electricity used during seven off-peak hours (12AM to 7AM) at a lower price and remaining hours at higher price. A special type of meter called “Economy 7” manages all these and customers can get lower energy bill this way. If over 50% of electricity usage during night hours, this economy 7 electricity tariff would be frugal idea for UK households. Normally, energy suppliers replace the standard meter to economy 7 for free but they can charge you as well. Energy expert at urges all customers to first audit the energy consumption of the home and based on that decide whether it is beneficial or not because switching back to standard tariff might be costly for you. E.ON, Npower, SSE, OVO and number of other suppliers are offering economy 7 electricity tariffs across the UK. We compare economy 7 electricity tariffs and their respected prices and features in order to give the most economic energy deal. For hassle-free price comparison experience, kindly visit our website More information on Economy 7 and economy 10 tariffs and meters are just a click away to you. Visit or call us at 0203 4757 476.

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