British Gas Home Energy Fixed Aug 2019

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UK Energy suppliers started smacking their household customers with a severe price hike in gas and electricity. British Gas is the only exception who declared there is no price rise for customers until August 2017. Company is the largest energy company supplying energy to over 20 million domestic and commercial customers. Home Energy Fixed Aug 2019 is the latest tariff launched by the British Gas.
Energy prices are fixed until 31st August 2019. There is a cancellation fee of 40 per fuel if you leave the British Gas energy contract before 14th July 2019 (49 days prior to the contract due date). British Gas gives you a peace of mind by installing a smart meter. You will also get an in-home-display for real-time monitoring of your energy consumption. You will become a smart energy customer when you switched from traditional to smart metering.
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To get information about British Gas Energy Tariffs and their latest prices, kindly visit or alternatively one can call us at 0203 4757 476.

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