8 Grey African Parrot For Sale

Posted 10 months ago Near London,
Price: £500.00
Item Number: 51851565631924 Item Condition: New
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Hello, my name is Alfy and I'm a male Grey African Parrot so I originally come from the Congo, but I'm well accustomed to the British manners.
You might think I'm old being 15 years old, but I can live longer than humans so you can count me in your last will!
I enjoy whistling and chatting, my favourite words are "mum" "hello" and "careful"; I've lived in a kitchen so I've seen way too many accidents and I better make sure my humans are taking care of themselves.
My intense red tail makes me irresistible to any lady but don't you worry men, I like you too!

By the way, I come in my own house and furniture so you'll only need to make a space for me in your house and hopefully in your heart. whatsApp 07520623199

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