Wamma is a website offering services for sale.

Wamma is a classified ads website.

When a customer has a used or unwanted item or even wants to offer up a service at a cost to the public, but wants to advertise for free with no limitations, they simply upload their details onto an ad space and wait to be contacted by the viewing consumers or when a consumer is looking for a specific item, but isn't too fussed about the item being brand new, so they go for a second hand option that doesn't have all the high costs a second hand shop has, such as cash converters would charge.

Who we are?

Wamma is a website designed to simplify the process of selling your old, used or unwanted items online. It will give cleared alternatives for methods of sales, from direct sales between 2 or more persons, to live auctioning viewed by many, whilst allowing every single ad to be free. Our website will be very easy to access through the web, a simple Google search would direct you straight to us.

Wamma, is going to offer the customer an ad space free of charge, but the customer has the opportunity to get their advertisement sponsored, meaning they will be on a priority category of listed items, so that when a consumer searches for a specific product, the sponsored ads are first to come up on the search results and they will also be offered to consumers in a recommendations box, all for a small fee.